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Reborn: Simplicity and Focus

July 13, 20122 min read

reborn cover

As you may have noticed the site has a fresh new look now. But it is more than that, much more. I now have a more focused approach to the content and a simpler website to navigate through.

Many of my personal heroes -- including the super heroes listed on the bottom -- have an incredible sense of focus, which contributes in no small part to their success. I have been hearing about the need to focus a lot lately.

Until recently, I was not sure how to gain that laser sharp focus. Going back and taking a look at my mission statement and the work I have done over the years made me realize just what that focus should be. My focus should be on the future of the web, not the past. It also made me see that I am an entrepreneur first, web application developer second. I love building things and the web provides me with a great opportunity to do that and leave my mark on the world, not vice-versa.

It does not stop just at the design or indeed the website. I am working hard to streamline my entire development process, from generating the concept to quickly iterating over the idea. Speed is key. Therefore, I decided to focus on only two languages, Ruby on Rails and Javascript with Node.js. And these are the only two languages I will be writing about on my blog from now on. I removed most of my old articles which were not web or just not very good. Even with my new found love of PHP, I decided to keep one of the articles. It would be better to keep providing others with a resource to solve problems with PHP, to be able to finish their work quicker and have more time to learn modern language like Ruby or Javascript.

There is much more to talk about, but I will leave it at that. Instead I will tell you what will come next. Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing new articles and projects, including screencasts to help you improve your workflow. So stay tuned for a lot more to come!


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