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🌱 How to scale your experience
April 20, 2022

Leo invited me to share my experience of trying to create multiple startups and the lessons I learned from them. Originally posted at: How…

🛠 How to build a product that works
May 24, 2021

I had the pleasure of speaking to Peter on his YouTube channel about building products, indie-hacking, software development life cycle and…

💋 KISS: Full-stack Architecture
September 24, 2020

A talk at FullStack Vancouver Meetup -- I gave about keeping your architecture simple and the lessons we learned at Ollie Order. Slides:

📦 Active Storage - Modern File Storage
January 31, 2019

A talk VanRuby -- Vancouver Ruby Meetup -- I gave about ActiveStorage and more broadly file storage in Rails. Slides:

⚛️ React in 2018️
May 12, 2018

A fun talk I gave at React Vancouver about React in 2018. It included a bit of history, pre-react (not to be confused with preact), lessons…

🕹 Prototyping in Augmented Reality using ARKit
November 09, 2017

A talk about prototyping ideas in Augmented Reality using Apple's ARKit. Slides:

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