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Emojination - Create fun and engaging visuals 💡
April 15, 2021

After being inspired by a few indie-hackers on Twitter, I wanted to create a fun weekend project. I recalled the trouble I had creating a…

Search on Rails - Learn to build a search engine 🔎
January 01, 2021

After working on a search engine for a previous company and having to re-write it several times, I knew there was a problem. Building a good…

PictureThat - Visualize art on your walls at home 🖼
September 15, 2017

As soon as ARKit beta came out, I knew I wanted to create something useful that takes advantage of it. PictureThat was born out of a need to…

FitnessKPI - Tracking What Matters
January 29, 2015

Over the last few months I have been working with Swift to bring a new app to help keep track of my fitness. FitnessKPI is designed to…

0idle: A marketplace where Event Organizers find Venues
September 12, 2013

My roommate (Anton Kishchenko) and I started working on a marketplace to help event organizers find venues called 0idle. After initial…

September 03, 2012

I collaborated with one of my favoriate designers Vadim Brodsky to create a website for the Javascript User Group in Winnipeg. Needless to…

SnippetSky: Store, manage and share bits of code
July 30, 2012

We  are thrilled to announce SnippetSky is now available for public beta. We have poured our hearts and souls into it to make it the best…

Reborn: Simplicity and Focus
July 13, 2012

As you may have noticed the site has a fresh new look now. But it is more than that, much more. I now have a more focused approach to the…

StudioKW -
February 07, 2012

Simple is beautiful and that is exactly what we have done with the new design of StudioKW. Built on the powerful wordpress platform this…

Asian Cabana -
March 05, 2011

A friend of mine owns and runs a store in Winnipeg under the name: "Asian Cabana". He asked me if I could build a website for his store t...

UMSAE Website -
February 27, 2010

Designed and developed the University of Manitoba Society of Automotive Engineers website. I started with a few simple paper sketches…

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